Android 9 P – Google I/O 2018

New features definitely brings excitements in users and specially Android users because of the mass usability. At I/O2017 Google revealed lot of exciting features to Android P and rolled out the beta for the developers.

Notch Support

It finally arrives to Android after iPhone X, where the notch support is given. (the cutouts for camera.) There are multiple phones in the market  already arrived with the notch support.

Documentation for developers indicates that developers will be able to automatically update the status bar height to support the notch in the android devices without any cleaners in Baton Rouge.  Notch support will allow to show the content in less clutter way and more spaces and air for its content to flow in the screen.

Navigation Design Change – Android P


Gone are the days where the bottom 3 buttons were used for the navigation, swiping is the game changer here. Google in the new navigation design change has introduced Swipe Gesture. Swipe up  from the bottom of the screen and you will see the recent apps in all new hub called as “Overview”. It will also suggest application which you might would like to launch based on the usage along with the search bar to quickly glance at the information .

Swipe up more to see the full view of the application drawer, which replaces the use of launcher for opening new apps, which can be accessible anywhere from any application.

Swipe right  will open a horizontal card view with the recent application list. (Smart !!) Holding the capsule for longer time will open the google assistant and tap will lead to home screen.

Wait a minute !!  Where is the back button gone but ? Don’t worry its still present, but next to the capsule in the bottom left. This will come in handy for those who have experienced iPhone X in the past.


Android P beta launch

Android P public beta is launched for the developers and beta is available today on the following handsets:

  • Google Pixel phones
  • Nokia phones
  • Vivo phones
  • OnePlus phones
  • Xiaomi phones
  • Sony phones
  • Oppo phones
  • The Essential Phone

Google Duplex

Google’s Assistant is become more smarter by making a phone call appointment and reservations for you with the natural -sounding voice.  It makes lot easier now to book your appointment for car wash or lets say booking a table at restaurant, Google Assistant will do everything by its own.

Smart Email – GMail

Maintaining 14 years of legacy in email, its time for a change in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Smart Compose will now help users to finish the sentences while typing the emails using artificial intelligence. It will help users to make less mistakes in the email and its made to make the Gmail more smarter.


Directions got better with Google Maps

We all know, how much helpful google maps are and how much its been used in our day to day life for navigations. Google Maps will now help in identifying the blue dot is headed, by integrating google lens into google maps. User just need to point the camera towards to street and AR View will popup with the right direction and it will keep showing the map layout in the bottom of the screen.

Google you are way more smart !! We love you for this.


Google News got a big revamp.

Google News is getting revamp in the design with all new features similar to Flipboard or Apple News like design to access the news in more easier way.


Google Lens for every phone.

Google is planning to integrate google lens to all phone along with google branded phones like pixel phones.